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BM850 - an excellent choice for blood banks

Conventionally, hospital blood banks are managing donor screening by sending the sample to the central laboratory for CBC analysis, requiring waiting time for the report to be used in decision-making. Additionally, quality control demands testing of the derived blood components, which is also done in the central laboratory. RBC-concentrates and PLT concentrates often require pre-dilution, which is not only cumbersome but also associated with a high probability of errors. For efficient donor screening, blood banks are in search for rapid and precise CBC analysis, preferably from a finger-stick blood like other rapid tests. A method for testing of the blood products derived from the donated blood that allow direct sampling without dilution would greatly benefit quality assurance.
Boule 3-part systems standard model fulfills these requirements, while providing blood banks precise and accurate analyzing capability, without the need of sending samples away for analysis.
  • BM850 - An excellent choice for blood banks
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